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Application for Masters Degree Programme

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  • Only applicants with required qualifications and those who passed the Online Selection Test conducted by IBMBB will be eligible to follow the MSc programmes at IBMBB
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A personal statement of not more than 500 words should be submitted with the application.

Guidelines for Personal Statement
The main objective in obtaining a personal statement/statement of purpose from prospective students is to get to know them and their interests.

A personal statement should contain the following:

  • A short description of the student academic and personal background, including any extracurricular activities and interests
  • The student’s academic and personal achievements and any difficulties he/she has had to overcome
  • Reasons for pursuing a Master’s degree
  • A short description conveying what the student knows about the subjects and what he/she has researched and understood about the course as well as the institute/university
  • The students objectives and goals in life and what he/she intends to do after the course - this should include the students vision of how he/she intends to implement the knowledge gathered during the course for the benefit of science and community
  • A short description of the students specific area(s) of interest within the applied course and a research area that he/she would like to pursue
  • Any additional information that is relevant and that will distinguish the student from other applicants
A well-written personal statement should enable the admission committee to:
  • Evaluate the student and his/her skills beyond what is evident in the transcripts
  • Gain a clear understanding of the student’s motivation and aspirations
  • Assess the student’s likelihood of success as a graduate and a professional
  • Assess the student’s likelihood of becoming a responsible professional in the field of science
  • Determine whether the student has researched the course and the institute thoroughly and aware of the academic demands of the course and the facilities available
  • Determine whether the student will be an asset to the institute and the scientific as well, as the global community

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